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Mild Horror (TW: description of soured injury)

Prevot didn’t share my bed again during our journey to Galli’s estate. We hadn’t spoken or engaged in any way, but held each other until dawn when she snuck away again. I understood and only missed her presence for the comfortable closeness I’d needed so much. Tiago’s arm had made some improvement from the ointment, but I gathered it was not as much as expected, and I could tell Prevot was preoccupied with it, despite the fa├žade she presented otherwise. Two of our wagons broke wheels, which would have been exciting if not for our recent terrors. The fixes were relatively easy and we lost little time. When we were a day away, I sent Vana and another scout to herald our arrival. I wondered how we would be received, if at all – I expected the news of my identity would have traveled by now, too many people had been made aware and someone cunning could match my age and description. Inside my tent, Tiago, Prevot, and I sat at my little table. Tiago was practicing his letters and mathemat

Burns and Blossoms

Realization that we were free of the swamp was slow in dawning. I felt the attitude of my companions change first, realized then that we were stopping, and finally understood why. Prevot was eyeing me critically, but I didn’t engage her, instead pondered our next actions as well as I could in my muddled, fatigued mind. “Don’t,” Prevot warned Vana as she started to stop her pack. “We’ll carry on a bit farther.” The relief of our survival didn’t lighten our steps any, but with mechanical motions we convinced our bodies to continue the journey. It was easier now to fall behind, however, and Prevot won the staggering race to a circular space that already held a stack of wood for fire, encircled by low stones. She lit it without hesitation and Ele unpacked some food for us. I swayed on numb feet but only dropped my pack so I could gather more firewood. We would have enough for tonight, but I didn’t want us too delayed replacing the pile in the morning. I kept my mind as engaged as I c