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Long Time No Post

 It's crazy to me that it's only been nine months since I made a blog post. I know -- only  nine months? Yes. Only. A lot has happened this year, most of which I had to address at a 'spoon' deficit due to my mental and physical well-being operating in a less-than-optimal range. And all that is behind us now! New year, new me! Right? HahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAaaaahahahahahahaaaaaha. No. No, that's not how any of that works. However, I do feel much more capable of starting up my blog again. I've learned more about myself and nailed down a bit more in the realm of my goals, so I'm hopeful that I can get to be more consistent here again. And if I can't, the bad doesn't erase the good. I wrote this one. I have every intention of writing another one. And that is, in the words of my mom, Boris* . I also haven't been doing much writing because I'm working on high-fantasy world development, which I love , but doesn't give me a whole lot to write abo