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Conniving and a scheme or two

I slept later than I should have, but Vito hadn’t released me until the early hours of the morning, and after a series of creative humiliations. I had managed to eat my meal, however, and gained a deep respect for my uncle. I reached out an arm and found the bed empty – I’d fallen into it beside a sleeping Prevot, but when I looked around, I found her at the desk. “What’s that?” I croaked. Her head snapped around to see me. “A letter.” “To whom?” She hesitated a moment. “House De Santis.” “You gave me a day and a night to consider your plan, no?” I pushed myself upright and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. “The letter isn’t yet sent,” she countered, as the quill drank another draught of ink. “How is my aunt?” “Well enough. The pregnancy saps her strength, but she’s in good humor. She wishes to know you better, and to introduce you to the children.” “I will love to know my family when all this is finished,” I agreed. Prevot glanced over her shoulder at me, but didn’t