Random silliness

Sometimes a sentence pops into your brain from absolutely nothing and you just gotta write it down. Thus:

"I need you to work this weekend."

"Absolutely not. In no universe am I doing that. I told you my friends are getting married this weekend. I told you months ago."

"But I need you! You're the only one who can calibrat-"

"I do not care. Dean can calibrate it. Elnora can calibrate it. I am not the only one and I am GOING TO A WEDDING."

"They're just going to get divorced and a few years after that they'll have new spouses and you can go to TWO weddings! Two new weddings! Just work this weekend!"

Don't worry. They didn't work, and did go to the wedding. I imagine a crazed stare at the end before them storming out. Gotta love when them brain-meats gets electrocuted just right...


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