Minds make connections

I haven't made time to work much on my main stories, but I'm proud of myself for knocking out some of these Words of the Day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been!

Word of the day: 
Apricate: To bask in the sun, or to expose to the sun 

Winter is necessary. I know that; everyone knows that. It is a time of renewal, of preservation. Winter is for rest and prophsey. Winter sees all of our clothes mended, our crafts improved, our stories told. But it watches with patience deeper than any snowdrift, listens to our bellies grumble when the food runs low, and stands ready to steal our warmth, our breath, our lives.

I know that winter is not my enemy. I was born late autumn, after all, and winter is my kin. But though it is my opposite, spring's first warm rays seem to sink into the core of me and chase away winter's wariness. I could do chores - as an autumn in spring, I have few magical expectations - but decide to spend my day in aprication. At least until someone is determined enough to find me.

This one was fun and unexpectedly perfect for the story that my friend Abby and I have been developing! The magic system is season-based and complex in the best of ways. We were brainstorming on it a few weeks ago, and I got to pull our our notes for this snippet of idea.

It feels good!


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